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Interesting Topics

Five secrets to crafting a perfect resume

  Sonali Shankar   18-12-2017

Essential tips to keep in mind when crafting an effective and job winning resume


The ultimate resume checklist

  Sonali Shankar   19-12-2017

Creating a world class resume which reflects your aspirations


20 resume blunders that could sink your candidature

  Sonali Shankar   19-12-2017

Pitfalls to avoid if you want to prevent resume rejection


How to sell yourself in a job interview

  Pamela Skillings   20-12-2017   Big Interview

Brush up your interview skills to get closer to your dream job.


How to present yourself during an interview

  Sharon Ann Holgate   20-12-2017

Interviews are stressful, but nothing that some confidence wont fix.


The 20 best behavioral interview answers

  Lewis   20-12-2017

Behavioral interview stories, if told correctly could help you get the job in a heartbeat.


26 different ways to build your personal brands!

  Sara Mccord   20-12-2017   The Muse

Building your own brand with the help of these tips will make it much easier than you think.


Top 10 interview questions and best answers

  Alison Doyle   20-12-2017   The Balance

Tackling the interview round can be tricky. Navigate this challenge with confidence.


12 critical competencies for leadership in the future

  Tanmay Vora   20-12-2017   Stretch Magazine

In this Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and ambiguous world, learn to be a better leader


How to easily make yourself the most obvious fit for th...

  Adrian Granzella Larssen   20-12-2017   The Muse

With many resumes to scan, it becomes very difficult to catch the eye of the hiring manager


Ten effective job search strategies

  All   20-12-2017   AllBusiness

Finding a Job is a Job in itself! Jump-start your search with these helpful job-hunting strategies.


A best practice guide to social media marketing

  Sophie Elizabeth Smith   20-12-2017   Digital Marketing Institute

Are you new to social media marketing, or slightly seasoned? Tips to be a Pro.


8 things recruiters look for in a resume at first glanc...

  Ambra Benjamin   20-12-2017   Linkedin

A recruiters guide on what makes a winning resume.


How to choose a career when you cannot decide

  Kendrick Wang   20-12-2017   Medium

Deciding on a career is never easy.There are many things that can be done to be on the right path.


Star technique to ace your behavioral interview

  Nagesh Belludi   20-12-2017   Right Attitudes

The STAR strategy is an impressive tool for tackling behavioral questions


The dreaded phone interview

  David G. Jensen   21-12-2017   Science Mag

A phone interview is an eliminating round, learn how to improve your odds


25 simple ways to motivate yourself

  Henrik Edberg   21-12-2017   Positivity Blog

Practical tips to overcome inertia and become more zestful and motivated.


Recruiter reveals 9 salary negotiation strategies

  Margaret Buj   21-12-2017   Careerrocketeer

Successfully negotiate for the salary that you deserve


4 non-annoying ways to follow up after an interview

  Jenny Foss   21-12-2017   Themuse

Tips to follow up with Hiring Manager for feedback without being offensive


E.m.p.o.w.e.r. yourself today!

  Goal Auzeen Saedi Ph.D.   21-12-2017   Psychology Today

How to become happier by leading a more balanced and fulfilling life.


How to start a blog - a beginners guide for 2017

  Jessica Knapp   21-12-2017   Blogging Basics 101

A useful guide of blogging basics for beginners.


The ultimate beginners guide to social media marketing

  Charles Goodwin   21-12-2017   themegrill

A beginners overview on leveraging social media for marketing


5 actionable steps to overcome negative thinking

  Marla Tabaka   21-12-2017   INC

Lay the groundwork for success by overcoming the challenge of negative thinking.


60 quick social media tips for beginners

  Jack Simpson   21-12-2017   Econsultancy

Insights into how to make the most of specific social media platforms.


5 predictions for the future of digital marketing

  Faizan Raza   21-12-2017

Future Digital Marketing Trends for the High Innovation world that we live in.


Seo basics - complete beginners guide to search engine ...

  Tom Demers   21-12-2017   Wordstream

SEO - A mandatory strategy if you want to be found on a search engine


The easy-to-follow guide to building an online brand

  Chris Ducker   21-12-2017   chris ducker

The importance of online branding and carving a brand in every nook and cranny of the internet


12 timeless lessons from one of warren buffetts favorit...

  RICHARD FELONI   21-12-2017   Business Insider

Important lessons on how to be likable, persuasive, and influential.


The future of digital marketing is already here

  Mike Stocker   21-12-2017   blog.marketo

Digital Marketers are anticipating future forecasts by delivering cutting edge work today.


Career coach: 10 tips to get your cv short-listed

  Jeremy I'Anson   21-12-2017   Telegraph

Fantastic tips on Resume Crafting which give you an edge on the competition


Beginners guide to web data analysis: ten steps to love...

  Avinash Kaushik   21-12-2017

Web Analytics - The truths it reveals and what to make of them


14 ways to stimulate personal growth

  Misty Sansom   21-12-2017   Huffington Post

A journey in exploring and developing your true potential


Analytics - what is it and why it matters

  SAS   21-12-2017   SAS

An introduction to Analytics, its application and how to maximise the value derived from it.


15 cool things you can do on the internet for free

  Rohit Bhattacharya   21-12-2017   scoopwhoop

Go beyond the obvious and learn what the internet can do for you


Returning to work after children: twelve tips from our ...

  Hannah Gould   21-12-2017   theguardian

Expert advice on how to successfully head back to work after a career break


15 pieces of the best career advice successful business...

  Forbes Agency Council   21-12-2017   Forbes

Successful leaders share the best career advice they received how it helped them in their journey


In the workplace, what can women learn from men?

  Megan Neal   21-12-2017   Huffington Post

Bench-marking against what men do right in their careers and adopting these skills


10 hot data analytics trends and 5 going cold

  Martin Heller   21-12-2017   cio

With the Data Analytics revolution evolving rapidly, learn whats in and whats out.


Tips for writing your first resume

  Alison Doyle   21-12-2017   The Balance

Insights for first time job seekers on writing a compelling resume


Conducting a personal swot analysis for your career

  Marci Martin   21-12-2017   Business News Daily

Analysisng the 4 SWOT Quadrants to chart your career path


10 tips for how women get noticed in the workplace

  Sandra Green   21-12-2017   handbags

Learning how to savvy up and get noticed at the workplace for the right reasons


A guide to understanding the role of a mentor

  F. John Reh   21-12-2017   The Balance

Insights into the contribution a mentor makes to the professional life of a mentee


13 amazing applications / uses of data science today

  Analytics Vidhya   21-12-2017   analyticsvidhya

Data Analytics Applications and how they are impacting every aspect of our lives.


6 steps to effective self learning

  STEVE KAUFMANN   21-12-2017   Pick The Brain

Strategies for thinking beyond classroom learning, to continuously up-skill.


20 ways to improve your performance at work

  MICHELLE MOSHER   21-12-2017

Tactics to reach new levels of skill and professional development for improving work performance.


Workplace sexual harassment in india: how to deal with ...

  Naree admin   21-12-2017

A comprehensive perspective on sexual harassment and how to deal with it


7 key qualities of an effective mentor

  Jayson DeMers   21-12-2017   INC.

Essential character traits that are the mark of a great mentor


Five steps for using analytics to transform your busine...

  Derek Slater   21-12-2017   connectedfuturesmag

How companies are leveraging data analytics to transform their businesses.


Dealing with career setbacks: how to turn them into suc...

  Michele Hoos   21-12-2017   Huffington Post

Beating the defeatest mind and exploring the opportunities in the career setbacks.


The age of analytics: competing in a data-driven world

  Nicolaus Henke +6   21-12-2017   mckinsey

The potential of analytics and how it is impacting the way businesses compete.


21 ways to handle sexual and mental harassment at work

  SOBIYA N MOGHUL   21-12-2017   Indiatimes

Practical insights into handling workplace harassment


10 concrete reasons why everyone needs a mentor at work

  Catherine Adenle   21-12-2017   Linkedin

The key ways getting a suitable mentor can add substantial value to your professional trajectory


The right fit and success factors for a career in anal...

  Sindhuja Vasudevan   21-12-2017   bridgei2i

Anyone can choose to transit into an analytics career, but what does it take to succeed?


If you spent a year interviewing women about how they b...

  Vivian Giang   21-12-2017   Fortune

Why women struggle with work life balance and what they can do about it


How to create a website

  Alex Jasin   21-12-2017   metapress

An easy step by step guide on how to create your own website.


10 mistakes women make at work

  SUZANNE KLEINBERG   21-12-2017   urbanette

Mistakes women make at work which could sabotage their career


7 things you should do to demonstrate a strong work eth...

  Martin   21-12-2017   Cleverism

Dissecting work ethic and strategies for demonstrating it effectively at your workplace


How your bosss ethics can hurt your career

  Takuya Sawaoka   21-12-2017   livescience

How the mistakes of your boss can taint your reputation


Bad behavior that can make you lose your job

  Dawn Rosenberg McKay   21-12-2017   thebalance

Behavior your company wont forgive, learn to safeguard your professional reputation


How to deal with bad work ethics in co-workers

  Erin Schreiner   21-12-2017   the nest

Strategies for tackling poor work ethics of co-workers


How purple, uber and airbnb are disrupting and redefini...

  Larry Alton   21-12-2017   entrepreneur

Three brands which have disrupted the market by transforming the way business is done.


10 signs youre a bad employee

  RICHARD FELONI   21-12-2017   Business Insider

Introspect and find out if your behavior is putting your career at risk


20 game-changing technology trends that will create bot...

  DANIEL BURRUS   21-12-2017   bigthink

To stay competitive, you need to anticipate the significant trends that are shaping the world.


Five bad working habits i kicked for a better work ethi...

  May Rostom   21-12-2017   Entrepreneur Network

Get inspired, it is possible to unlearn bad work habits


10 reasons why a mentor is a must

  John Rampton   21-12-2017   INC

How mentors can play an invaluable role in your entrepreneurial journey


7 (really hard) interview questions you must answer pro...

  J.T. O Donnell   21-12-2017   inc

Some really tough questions you might face in an interview


How to build a reliable work ethic

  Scott H Young   21-12-2017   Lifehack

Training yourself to acquire positive behaviour patterns


The age of disruption

  Dinyar Godrej   21-12-2017   newint

At the threshold of seismic change understand the implications of disruption.


Five characteristics of having good work ethics

  Lisa Finn   21-12-2017   Career Trend

Work habits that will fuel your career


Disrupt or be disrupted

  Kotter International   21-12-2017   forbes

Great companies take the first movers advantage to out execute and out innovate their competition.


13 things to consider to help you choose the best inter...

  International Student   21-12-2017   International school

Key factors a student should consider when choosing an Internship


My biggest interview mistakes ever (and how to avoid th...

  Katie Douthwaite Wolf   21-12-2017   The Muse

Learn from my biggest interview mistakes and forge the path to success


Divergence, disruption, and innovation

  Erik R Peterson & Paul A Laudicina   21-12-2017   atkearney

Twelve key trends will shape the global outlook and operating environment through 2025.


Im in a bad internship, now what?

  Penny Loretto   21-12-2017   The balance

A bad internship is not insurmountable. Here are some tricks to turn it around.


The 11 most common job interview mistakes

  Jenna Goudreau   21-12-2017   CNBC

The CNBC Managing Editor reveals the common interview blunders candidates make.


What is digital marketing?

  Lucy Alexander   21-12-2017   Hubspot

A beginners guide to digital marketing - What it is and What it is not


The upside of disruption

  Ernst and Young   21-12-2017   ey

An E&Y Report on the phenomenon of disruption and its impact.


51 interview questions you should be asking

  The Muse Editor   21-12-2017   The Muse

Essential Questions to help you figure out if the job opportunity is right for you.


Your next future

  Peter Evans-Greenwood +1   21-12-2017   dupress

The impact of disruption on organizations and how they can capitalize it to their advantage.


Digital marketing made simple: a step-by-step guide

  Neil Patel   21-12-2017   Neilpatel

Expert insights on how marketing has been reinvented in the digital age


Analytics career advice from top industry experts

  GAIQ Test   21-12-2017   Optimize Smart

Comprehensive insights from 3 top industry experts on launching an analytics career.


Stress management

  Lawrence Robinson +2   21-12-2017   Help

No matter how stressful your life your life seems , there are steps you can take to relive the press


10 questions you should never ask in a job interview

  Forbes   21-12-2017   Forbes

Posing the wrong question to the interviewer can ruin even the most perfect interview


10 tips on how to kick-start your digital marketing car...

  Zara┬áBurke   21-12-2017   digitalmarketinginstitute

Valuable insights into building a digital marketing career


30 behavioral interview questions you should be ready t...

  Lily Zhang   21-12-2017   themuse

a quick guide on how to craft job-landing responses.


30 smart answers to tough interview questions

  VIVIAN GIANG +1   21-12-2017   Business Insider

struggle with challenging questions, beat the odds with advance preparation


7 ways to identify leaders in your organisation

  ANDREW CRAVENHO   21-12-2017   Fast Company

Leaders in an organization are essential for the fulfillment of organizational goals.


Why digital marketing is the next big career opportunit...

  DEEPAK KANAKARAJU   21-12-2017   yourstory

The amazing growth of the Digital Industry and the career opportunities it offers


15 tricky job interview questions and how to nail them

  Sharon Florentine   21-12-2017   cio

Wow your interviewer by smartly handling tricky questions.


How to create a plan for success in your new role

  Safari Blog   21-12-2017   Safari

The most important tool to success is planning


Personal development

  Eva Lu   21-12-2017   mindofwinner

Guidelines on creating a personal development plan


A guide to the 10 next hot jobs in digital marketing, a...

  Matt Kapko   21-12-2017   adweek

Insights into the most important and in-demand in digital marketing jobs


Recruiters reveal: top 10 reasons you did not get the j...

  Melisa Balestri-Eassey   21-12-2017   Big Interview

Getting shortlisted is just a start, avoid these mistakes which can lose you the job opportunity.


Leaders and managers

  Pierre Yves Hittelet   21-12-2017   INC

Food for thought and tools that will help you in developing your company or organization.


Why google does not care about college degrees in 5 quo...

  Gregory Ferenstein   26-12-2017   venturebeat

If you want a job at Google then just don’t focus on your major but also gain skills and experiences


50 signs you might be an entrepreneur

  John Rampton   26-12-2017   entrepreneur

Traits of an entrepreneur that you might have.


Meeting the challenge of disruptive changes

  Clayton M. Christensen +1   26-12-2017   Harvard Business Review

Recognizing changes and the opportunities that arise from disruptive change


Top 5 reasons why the customer is always right is wrong

  Alexander Kjerulf   26-12-2017   Huffington Post

Customers are not always right. Here is why


Toxic behaviors that push people away and how to recogn...

  Kathy Caprino   26-12-2017   Linkedin

Recognize Toxic Behaviour and the steps to change it


21 science based selling techniques

  Steven MacDonald   26-12-2017   Superoffice

For winning the sales you need to look to the buyer’s perspective


7 customer retention strategies for ecommerce sites

  Jesse Aaron   26-12-2017   comm100

Tips and tricks for customer retention.


21 examples of user experience innovation in ecommerce

  Chris Lake   26-12-2017   econsultancy

Innovations in user experience for e commerce sites.


Why you hate work

  TONY SCHWARTZ and CHRISTINE PORATH   27-12-2017   nytimes

what can be done for employees job satisfaction.


Steps to transition your career to analytics

  Priyanka Jain   27-12-2017   Forbes

Identifying the correct analytical job that suits you.


Amplify your data career with analytics

  Priyanka Jain   27-12-2017   SAS

Know your strengths, get the right training , go get the job


Sql interview questions

  Srishti Deoras   27-12-2017   Analytics India

Tips and tricks for acing Sql interview questions.


How to build a career in data science

  Avantika monnappa   27-12-2017   Simplilearn

Get the suitable training and degree and a great career in data science is awaiting you


Success factors for a career in analytics

  Avantika monnappa   27-12-2017   bridgei2i

Tips for success in a career in analytics


The 7 biggest challenges of a manager


Being a manager gives you a position of authority which is accompanied by many challenges.


10 deadly job interview mistakes and how to avoid them

  28-12-2017   Job-Hunt.Org

Being shortlisted for an interview is an achievement but some mistakes can ruin this opportunity.


7 reasons to launch a career in data and analysis

  Admin   28-12-2017   pxltd

Need reasons launching your career in data and analysis, here are some


5 musts for your career transition

  Piyanka Jain   28-12-2017   predictiveanalytics

Things to consider before a career transition to analytics


6 reasons to start a career in social media


Born in the internet era, why not start a career in it.


5 steps to start a career in social media


A guide to start a career in social media.


6 social media jobs that are great for millennials

  28-12-2017   Forbes

job roles for social media


Developing a competency framework

  content team   29-12-2017   Mind tools

The importance of defining which competencies are essential to organization success


Components of social competence

  Heejeong Sophia Han +1   29-12-2017   link.springer

Social competence is the ability to successfully select and carry out interpersonal goals


8 ways to be constantly improving

  Lee Colan   29-12-2017   INC

The key to being successful lies in constantly improving. Build your competence with these easy tips


How to be seen as competent in the workplace

  Ruke Loney   29-12-2017   MONEY.USNEWS

Strategies to get your co-workers to view you as competent


5 ways to improve employee development at your company

  David Hassell   29-12-2017   Huffington Post

Your people are your company & developed employees contribute more to the growth of the company.


12 competencies which ones should your people have

  Executive Chief   29-12-2017   Projects Mart

12 key competencies and how they impact attitude and behaviour


How competency development can increase employee engage...

  Management 3.0   29-12-2017   Management 3.0

competency development- what,when,where and how


6 reasons why an internship is important for your futur...

  Ida Domingo   02-01-2018   The Odyssey Online

Why Internships are such a critical investment into your future


7 reasons why you should intern at a startup

  Natasha Doshi   02-01-2018   Your Story.Com

Valuable insights into why an internship in a startup can do wonders for your career


How to prepare for an internship interview

  Danielle Penny   02-01-2018   Kaplan International

A guide to preparing for an Internship Interview


8 secrets successful interns know and how to use them

  Lisa Saltagi   02-01-2018   Go Overseas.Com

How to optimize your gains if you are interning abroad


Making the transition: how an internship helped prepare...

  Gaby Lobo   02-01-2018   The Burns and McDonnell Careers Blog

Personal insights into how interning right after school can help you choose the right career


Intern guide: how to make a lasting impression the firs...

  Emily Driscoll   02-01-2018   Fox Business

Tips to get a fantastic start to your internship by being well prepared on your first day


Top 10 benefits of doing an internship

  The Leidener   02-01-2018   The Leidener

Personal insights into how an internship can benefit you


Smart ways to convert internships to job offers

  Rozelle Laha   02-01-2018   Hindustan Times

What you need to do to convert your internship into a pre placement offer