The Job Search Quiz

Could Your Job Search Be More Effective?

Answer 10 quick questions and find out. You'll also get great tips on how to improve your results. It's important to answer honestly - you won't get good tips if you don't.

1. While searching for job opportunities, how dependent are you on responding to online job posts and advertisements?

2. How many recruitment consultants have you shared your resume with, in your current job search?

3. How many companies have you reached out to via cold calling/emails even though they have not advertised a job opening?

4. While searching for job opportunities, how much of your time is being devoted to networking?

5. Is your LinkedIn profile detailed and comprehensive?

6. Do you currently use other social media sites for your job search?

7. Do you know what your value proposition is and why you believe a company should hire you?

8. Is your resume attractive and does the job of differentiating you from other candidates?

9. Approximately how much space on your resume is used to describe your professional/academic achievements?

10. Do you customize your resume to specific job opportunities?

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